Interior Design and Cushions

Someone looking for a proper cushions buying guide should simply consider their needs and the material that is most likely to satisfy them. As a simple example, synthetic fiber allows a homeowner to keep cushions on the porch. This would normally be a bad practice because natural fibers absorb moisture, but nylon and other synthetic fiber can sit in cold and wet weather without deteriorating or promoting mildew. 

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This might not be completely true, since nylon pillows will eventually accumulate a layer of organic particles on their surface, but synthetic pillows and cushions will survive exposure to the elements far better than cotton or wool. A dirty, exposed synthetic fiber can be normally washed and dried and be restored to excellent condition.

Synthetic fibers are also acceptable indoors, since they do not normally expose people to allergies and they can be as warm and reliable as natural fibers. Some materials are resistant to fire, although nylon and plastic filling has the potential to catch fire and create chemical fumes. Synthetic fiber tends to melt and shrivel into a ball rather than remain airy, so in some ways it is more fire resistant than cotton.

Where cotton really shines is in its ability to hold dies and control moisture. Synthetic fiber is typically cast as solid strings resembling a smaller version of fishing string. Cotton fibers are not continuous and are hollow. This property allows cotton to be warm, lightweight, comfortable, and proper for controlling body moisture.

Socks and underwear are made with cotton because it absorbs moisture rather than hold it against the body. Cotton is less likely to produce an infection or rub rash. For this reason, cushions for seating people for long lengths of time might be best made from cotton. It is not an absolute necessity, but the ability to absorb moisture can keep a person comfortable in bed or sitting for hours at a time.

Cotton can also hold bright colors and survive repeat washing. This can be perfect for crafting or for colors made from natural die. Synthetic fibers often have color as apart of the makeup of the fiber. Synthetic fiber does not fade as a result of this integrated coloring, and colors can potentially be much brighter. For this reason, it is often more appealing to buy synthetic fabrics and cushions. Do not overlook cotton for indoor seating because it has desirable properties.